Dorcas International Institute representative visits Porin

Dorcas International Institute representative visits Porin

Sarah Stangl from the Dorcas International Institute visits Porin and the Croatian Baptist Aid leadership

Porin, Zagreb, June 12th 2017 – On the recommendation of the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI),Croatian Baptist Aid had the pleasure of hosting the Dorcas International Institute representative, Sarah Stangl in the center for refugees and asylum seekers Porin, Zagreb. Stangl met the leadership of the Croatian Baptist Aid in Porin to discuss possible cooperation and mutual efforts in helping the refugees integrate into Croatian society. 

As a representative of the institute, which together with USCRI works intensively on integrating refugees in the US, ms. Stangl visited the refugee center Porin and met with the team manager of the Croatian Baptist Aid, Željko Čanji, as well as with the Croatian Baptist Aid director Toma Magda. During the visit they talked about mutual cooperation in the field of integration and amelioration of the general situation for the refugees in Croatia. The goal of the cooperation would be to have a more successful integration of the asylum and international protection seekers into Croatian society. Recognizing the problems that the asylum seekers face in Croatia, they expressed a concern about the people in these procedures and the amount of time that has to pass until they are finally given the asylum. 

It was emphasized that the focus of the future cooperation should be improvement of Porin, finding an adequate space for integration of the asylum and international protection seekers, a better and more transparent protocol for approval of asylum, as well as the psycho-social help for the traumatized asylum seekers currently located in Porin.


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