Seminar: Introduction to Christian Counseling

Seminar: Christian Counseling

One year program “Helping Helpers” began with the first introductory lecture, titled “Introduction to Christian Counseling”

The beginning of a one year program “Helping Helpers” started yesterday with the first, introductory lesson by Sandro Belić, M. A. The title of the seminar was “Introduction to Christian counseling”.

Toma Magda, the director of the humanitarian organization Croatian Baptist Aid, presented the plan and program with the words:

"The program “Helping Helpers” is meant for people in ministry, those who are “weary and burdened”, who experienced “burnt out”, who are helping others through difficult life situations, and all of that with a goal to create a place where they could rest physically and spiritually, but also where they could work on themselves, get professional training for helping others in a quality manner. It includes church leaders, pastors, counselors, women’s ministry leaders, youth and children’s ministry leaders, Christian professionals in the medical, social, legal, educational fields, volunteers who serve with NGO, humanitarian organizations, faith based Christian relief organizations, hospitals, different support groups for natural disaster, abuse, victims, terminal illness patients, etc. This project is gathering people from different church denominations and backgrounds, but
also people from different countries in the South-East of Europe and because of that it makes it one of a kind program in this part of Europe.” 

In this seminar, people were able to hear more about the history of Christian counseling, different techniques used in counseling, and they also had a chance to make an analysis of their mental state through different tests. This first seminar presented Christian counseling in general, and the way it will be covered in the lectures. The participants also got to hear about different illnesses that come from burn out but also how to recognize the symptoms before a person experiences burn out. The program “Helping Helpers” will be available to people working in helping professions. The seminars and education will be held in the countries of Southeast Europe, and the central event will be a summer training camp on the island of Ugljan in Croatia.

If you recognize the need for this type of program, and you want to know how you can join in, you can contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About the lecturer:

The lecturer Sandro Belić, M. A., is a Gestalt counselor and a system coach. He got his degree in Gestalt counseling at IGW, Institute for integrative Gestalt therapy in Würzburg. He got his Gestalt coaching degree also at IGW in Würzburg. He got his M. A. degree in theology at Matija Vlačić Ilirik seminary in Zagreb.

He is also an esteemed member of the Association of Gestalt and integrative psychotherapists of Croatia. He is also a member of EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council). Sandro works with couples and individuals with emotional, communicational and sexual issues and challenges. In his daily work he helps clients come out of the “dead end” streets and become aware how to rely on themselves instead of their surroundings.

His clients are people who want to work on themselves (their personal growth), people stuck in so called “dead end streets” in their lives and don’t know how to get out, people with boundary issues (personal and other’s boundaries), people who have issues with people they are close to, sad and depressive people, people that can’t release the fear that is keeping them from living their lives in the fullest. His work is based on Gestalt principles, and you can hear more about his work in his lectures.

Occasionally, with his wife Nataša Barolin Belić, M. A., also a certified Gestalt counselor (ECP, EAGT), certified sexual counselor and couples counselor, Sandro offers workshops for couples.

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