CBA held a German language course for the asylum seekers in hotel Porin in Zagreb

German Language Course in Hotel Porin

CBA held a German language course for the asylum seekers in hotel Porin in Zagreb

In hotel Porin, the current center for the asylum seekers in Croatia, Ruke nade / CBA is doing a German language course, every Tuesday in hotel Porin, and since the beginning of March every Thursday in Goethe Institute in Zagreb. The course leaders are Claudia Keller Pilsel and Angelika Bosch.

There are two groups; the first group consists of about 12 men and women from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, and there are also 12 in the advanced group, which consists of mostly men and one woman. At the beginning of the course the groups were smaller, but with the growing interest in learning the language, the groups also grew.

Two of the students already took the levels A1 and A2 German language tests with Goethe institute, and they successfully finished it because as a group they are very motivated. Some of them already started learning the language while they were living in Austria and Germany, and they hope they will get to go back there again. Some of them are already fluent in the language. Occasionally there are German conversation groups and the students love those because that is the time when they can share their stories, ask for help in different areas and develop a relationship with the others and the organization.

The members of the German language group are people who were already living in Austria and Germany, but they were sent back to Croatia according to the Dublin agreement and they live in hope that they will be able to go back and resume their lives, but they are also living in constant fear that they won’t be able to go back or that they won’t get the asylum in Croatia either.

The course goals are manifold. The main goal is to help all the students get their language degree by Goethe Institute, while the conversation groups and the course aims to help and motivate asylum seekers to better learn the language, get to know each other and the organization, and motivate them to try and learn Croatian and imagine and be prepared to a life in Croatia.

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