Uskrs 2020

Resurrection – revolting against death

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

As we approach this year’s Easter, we find ourselves in unfavorable circumstances. The whole world is experiencing what some parts of the world have been experiencing for decades. Death and fear. The questions we are now asking are different than what they were when the worst things we had to worry about was not catching the flu and missing a week of our lives. To many of us, the suffering has become more real than when we just hear about it on the news. It’s happening in our countries, to our friends, to our families. And the words ‘Christ is risen!’ might seem to echo in a void. Indeed He is risen? “Where, O death, is your victory?” asks apostle Paul as he writes to the Corinthians. But the victory of death seems very visible to us, and the question, for many this Easter, seems redundant.

So, what is our hope? As I think about the suffering around the world due to wars, famine, abuse of power, violence, disease, I am reminded that God’s salvation plan in Christ isn’t just to remove us from this decaying world and transport us into a heavenly realm; to save us from physical death of this world. It is much more than that. Salvation is about Christ’s reign bursting in at Resurrection and flooding this Earth until it’s renewed. We face death and we feel fear, sorrow, suffering, because it is all part of our human experience in a world still struggling under the weight of our rebellion against God. However, as those who recognize, profess and believe Jesus Christ as Lord, we are called to participate in His renewal by living out the living Christ wherever we find suffering and death, using whatever means we have been given. That is the Good News for all the nations and the whole creation – He has not abandoned us. He is risen indeed and He is present with us! We have Life to share.

So, this Easter, as we feel and hear more loudly the ‘groaning of the whole creation’ (Rom 8:22), let us be reminded that “resurrection faith means courage to revolt against the ‘covenant with death’ (Isa. 28:15), it means hope for the victory of life which shall swallow up and conquer life-devouring death.” (J. Moltmann)

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