Hoću život i Covid-19

Humanitarian aid during Covid-19

Varaždin, Croatia, March 27th, 2020 – the humanitarian organization of the Croatian Baptist Union, Croatian Baptist Aid, visited and delivered aid to “Hoću život” (trans. “I Want Life”) NGO, for the project “Kuća mogućnosti” (transl. House of Opportunity) in Varaždin

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought about many and great challenges for charity and humanitarian work, among which some of the most problematic are movement restrictions (both within the country and international) and the restrictions in fund transfers that deeply hinder the important work being done by humanitarian workers in the field on a daily basis. 

In spite of that, in cooperation with the European Baptist Federation, CBAid visited “Hoću život”, an NGO with a focus of providing housing for youth exiting the social care system, that also provides a mentorship program that helps youth gain skills necessary for independent life. In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, thanks to the EBF, Croatian Baptist Aid staff successfully procured and delivered humanitarian aid to “Hoću život” NGO, that was, like many other charity organizations, left without the necessary means to keep the work going. 

Although the most common concept of charity work within churches is usually that of an individual believer providing help to persons in his/her surrounding, or churches reaching out to individuals within their circles, the Baptist church in Varaždin successfully implemented another model. Through the NGO “Hoću život”, led by pastor Jonatan Vukov and his wife Danijela Vukov, the church implemented a new model in which a local church can reach out to its community, using all resources on hand – volunteers, believers, neighbors, etc.

Croatian Baptist Aid wants to recognize and support this kind of work, and raise awareness among local churches about the importance of this kind of engagement of churches in their communities. One of the objectives of CBAid is to promote coordination among local churches that are active in the field of social engagement, and provide support in their work.

We want to invite all organizations, individuals, businesses that want to support “Hoću život” with donations of any kind, to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information about the work of the NGO, follow the link to their website http://www.hocuzivot.com/kuca.html

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