Toma Magda PEV

New President of PEA

Zagreb, May 29th 2018 – The board of the Croatian Protestant Evangelical Alliance met on May 29th 2018, in Zagreb where they unanimously elected Pastor Toma Magda for the new president. Board members discussed the past period, focusing on the review and evaluation of the project Reformation500, on the current situation of the Alliance, and on the future of PEA.

The members concluded that the project Reformation500 reached its goal. A lot of effort was put in the project and the members expressed their gratitude to all who contributed to the realization of the project. As the Reformed Churches and churches stemming from the Reformation, we publicly presented our roots and our willingness to work together, as well as concrete Christian fellowship.

After the Reformation500 project ended, the President of PEA, Pastor Giorgio Grlj, thanked everyone for the responsibility entrusted to him so far, saying that “one period is now completed and this is a moment for someone else to step in and serve as the President of PEA.” The members of the board thanked Pastor Grlj for everything he had done so far and for his efforts in preparing and realizing the celebration of the 500 years of Reformation.

Following that, the board unanimously voted Baptist Pastor Toma Magda of the Croatian Baptist Union as the new President.

The future of PEA was also discussed, and it was decided that special emphasis will be put on the following areas of work:

  • In the following period, each denomination member of PEA will include a certain number of younger people in order to strategically work on the exchange of generations.
  • Together with the younger members the board will spend the next two years preparing the strategy of work for the period from year 2020 to year 2030.
  • In the future, PEA will organize thematic meetings and conferences in order for the minority churches to discuss socially relevant themes and define our attitudes more clearly to be able to share them publicly.
  • PEA will work to renew and establish cooperation with the Protestant and Evangelical Churches who are currently not a part of PEA. In that way, we wish to testify about openness and willingness for cooperation and dialogue with our sister churches of the Reformation heritage.
  • PEA will be more actively involved in the work of the European Evangelical Alliance and the World Evangelical Alliance and connect more closely with the national alliances that share our geo-political, economical, religious and social context.

The implementation of these activities will start in the following weeks. A PEA delegation will visit Tallin, Estonia in October, for a big conference Hope For Europe 2018. Also, the first board meeting that will include younger leaders is planned for November 2018, in Vinkovci.

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