CBA regional meeting

CBA regional meeting

On January 1st, 2018, the first regional meeting was held in Slavonski Brod between churches in the East Croatia region and the humanitarian organization of the Baptist Union of Croatia (BUoC), Croatian Baptist Aid (CBAid).

This was the first step of the plan to introduce local churches in Croatia with the humanitarian organization of the BUoC and its programs, to encourage local churches to get actively involved in the humanitarian and social work of the BUoC. This meeting marked the beginning of the new history of humanitarian work of the Baptists in Croatia.

Among the present were representatives of Baptist churches in East Croatia region, as well as all interested church members. The meeting began with a historical overview of the Baptist humanitarian work, starting with the Croatian Homeland war (1990s), and ending with current activities. The meeting was led by the director of CBAid, and president of the BUoC, Toma Magda.

The director spoke about the present-day challenges, global movements and climate changes, as well as international issues that the world and our region are facing, which are creating more insecurity and instability. He went on to present models of cooperation between CBAid and local churches, as well as the structure of the organization and its programs, encouraging church representatives to suggest concrete solutions and activities that can be implemented in specific contexts, with the purpose of strengthening the region and creating a stronger network between regional churches.

The next regional meeting for East Croatia will be held in March 2018 to continue planning and preparing for new challenges.

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