CBA looking for new volunteers

CBA looking for new volunteers

Starting with January 10th 2018, CBA will implement a new pogram for mobilizing volunteers in Croatia and other Balkan countries.

Mobilization of the new volunteers will be a part of a CBAid's program and it will be a new and unique opportunity for those who want to engage and try and realize their vision in the field of charity work. The region of work will cover Croatia, but it will also include other countries in the Balkans (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, and Serbia). The volunteers will have a possibility to create their own projects but also be active participants in implementing them. With the experience of working on the local level, volunteers will also have a chance to gain experience of working on an international level.

“We recognize the wish of volunteers for changing the current situation in Europe in the recent years. We wish to equip the volunteers to break the prejudices of society through volunteer work, and through fighting for human rights as well as through realizing their own wishes, in order to create a society that will primarily offer help to those who need it the most. Quality volunteering today is a necessary contribution to the society, not just in order to make it easier for the many organizations working with the people and helping individuals in their everyday life, but also to offer a chance to the volunteers themselves to get to know themselves and find a direction in life. With that in mind, we decided to try this concept of volunteering and offer young people, especially our group of youth leaders, a chance to feel useful in society and to be moulded into true leaders through first-hand work. Volunteering in the CBA's program will give young people a chance to feel what it means to ‘work in the field’, carry part of the responsibility, and be a part of the results,” said Elvis Džafić, consultant for the international relations of CBAid.

The concept volunteer mobilization program will be presented at the OMV conference (youth leadership training) in Crikvenica, 27th to 29th October 2017, by Pastor Toma Magda, CBA director and the president of the Croatian Baptist Union. The implementation of the program and the projects will start beginning of the next calendar year.

More about this project will soon be available on our website. 


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