International conference "Church in Exile"

International conference "Church in Exile"

Croatian Baptist Aid at the international conference in London

London, October 4th, 2017 – Under the auspices of the World Evangelical Alliance and Barnabas Fund conference "Church in Exile" was held in London. The conference gathered representatives from 35 countries who talked about the strategic future of church and its response to the refugee crisis in the global world and the problems that come with the 21st century.

The conference began with the lecture by the advisor of the former general secretary of the UN Kofi Annan. The lecture emphasized the problems that the refugees and IDS people face, as well as the problems that the church faces in offering humanitarian aid in the Middle East and Africa, as well as in the offering of support to those whose rights to life and religious freedoms are violated.

Representatives of different humanitarian and non-governmental organizations from the countries now facing crisis, such as Iran, Syria, India, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Croatia, Russia, USA, Thailand and China, were present at the meeting. Some of them had a chance to present their programes in working on the refugee integration more detailed, and had a chance to talk about the problems the churches face in their work today. Humanitarian organization Croatian Baptist Aid was presented by its advisor for international work, Mr. Elvis Džafić.

Representatives also discussed improvements on integration as well as stabilization of the areas from where many of the refugees had to escape in search for a safe place to live. According to the predictions of many international organizations, if the solutions for the crisis in the Middle East and other Arab countries are not found, there could be a new migratory wave, one that would be problematic on more levels.

In the light of finding those solutions, there were intensive group discussions on models that would stabilize critical areas and improve the quality of humanitarian aid, as well as quality of life in those areas.

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